Members and visitors are expected to wear proper and respectful attire (shoes, trousers and shirts) in the dining and bar areas. 

During Season (October – May), gentlemen are required to wear a jacket after 6 p.m., seven nights a week, both in the dining room and at the bar (ties are not required). Gentlemen’s shirts must have a collar. Quality ‘designer’ jeans are allowed with a sport/dinner jacket. Knee-length ‘Bermuda’ shorts are acceptable until 5 p.m.  Ladies should wear appropriate smart/casual. 

During off-season and summer, jackets are required in the dining room and at the bar on Friday and Saturday evenings only. Though jackets are not required during the week, dress should be respectful of other members and their guests. For dinner, gentlemen should wear long trousers, collared ‘dress’ shirts, no shorts. 

Lunch:  Men's and women's attire should be smart/casual. Gentlemen’s shirts must have a collar; knee-length shorts are acceptable, or slacks. For Member Dock Parties and private parties in the Commodore’s Room, dress should be appropriate to the theme of the event, the weather, or the wishes of the host. 

Please, no T-Shirts, denim shorts, hats, or flip-flops and no faded or torn jeans at any time.

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